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Silicone Vagina

Silicone Vagina

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Vagina Prosthesis made of skin compatible Silicone with a very impressive look and a realistic feeling.

Urination, defecation and showering is possible while wearing the prosthesis.

While wearing the vagina prothesis with a complete hymen the penis cannot go through the labia to the outside.

When you cut the hymen masturbation, penetration and urination are possible. So you can reach a satisfying orgasm by stimulation of the glans.

If a penis or dildo penetrates from the outside through the labia it enters the penis pocket and so will massage the glans.

The prosthesis can comfortably be worn over a long time. The temperature of the testicles will only be increased minimally.

Neosteel "Transformation Products" can easily be cleaned with soap or dish washing-up liquid.

The prosthesis is about 17 cm long and about 10 cm wide and by its elasticity very soft and smooth.

The labia has a length of about 6 cm and a width of about 2.5 cm.

The Silicone vagina comes with a middle european light skin colour.

As special design we can manufacture different labia sizes and futher skin colours (please inquire).

Measurements for Silicone Vagina:

Measurements for Silicone Vagina

Height (cm or feet/inches):
Weight (kg or lbs.):
1. normal waist (relaxed)
The waist is the line around your body above the hip bone and below the rib cage (cm or inches):
2. controlled waist
(use a strong leather belt)(cm or inches):
3. Center Waist front down between the legs up to rear center waist; from bottom edge of the leather belt in front to bottom edge of the leather belt in the rear (cm or inches):

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